"Make energy intensive industry sustainable".

Primary Aluminium production in 2018

In 2018, the world Primary Aluminum production reached over 64.3 million tons.

To produce this amount, the Aluminum industry has utilized over 867,210 GWh of electricity.

Data from World aluminum statistic

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Energy & Carbon Dioxide savings

Thanks to Cronus Heat Recovery System, most of the energy lost through the sidewalls and the duct are recover and utilized as green energy sources (heating, cooling, conversion to electricity...).

The amount of energy that would have been recovered by Cronus for the 2016 world aluminum production (56 MtAl) is equivalent to:

  • The average electricity consumption of 42.6 million people in a year

  • The saving carbon dioxide emissions for 30.2 million cars in a year

Energy Utilization
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Cronus, in cooperation with state of the art technology providers (GE, Araner, Thermax...) can offer a wide range of solution to re-utilize the energy recovered from the smelter. 

The optimal solution to be proposed will depend on various parameters such as:

- smelter location

- available energy source (gas, coal...)

- energy available and temperature

- access to existing (or not) infrastructure

Some examples of applications are described on the picture above, such as:

- district heating and/or cooling

- utilization in coal power plant (coal consumption reduction by up to 5%)

- utilization in gas power plant (production capacity increase by up to 47%)

- utilization locally in the factory

- ...